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Company Culture

Enterprise spirit:

Responsibility, hard work, professional innovation

Corporate purposes:

Customer satisfaction, enterprise satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction, people-oriented working principles

Warm people with true feelings, restrain people with systems
Encourage people with mechanism, unite people with development

People-oriented management principles:

Job depends on competition, income depends on contribution
The assessment is based on performance, the last to be eliminated

People-oriented code of conduct:
Professional culture: emphasis on scientific analysis, objective judgment, and only accept professional decisions
Innovative culture: refuse to stand still, face new things bravely, seek breakthroughs and transcendence
Proactive culture: Be proactive, don’t wait for others to solve problems, don’t blame others, everything starts with yourself
The culture pursued: never give up. Constantly work hard to achieve the ideal

The culture of details: details determine success or failure, everything must start from the details, and not let go of every detail