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What is a high-quality rocker switch

Time:2020/8/17Author:adminClick: 223
What is a high-quality ship type switch, and by what aspects? What is the composition of the rocker switch? Founding Electronics takes you through this article to understand these two issues in detail:

1. Difficult to rust

The metal part of the rocker switch is not made of general metal but stainless steel, so it is very difficult to rust and other phenomena. If you find that the device is rusty during use or purchase, you should replace it in time or avoid buying such a device. The product will cause various problems when you use it.

2. High copper thickness

In order to increase the ability of current passing, the ship switch manufacturer thickened the thickness of the copper sheet, and not only improved the management of current passing, but also reduced the resistance and oxidation resistance of the copper sheet. This should be very easy to see when purchasing. Of course, it does not mean that the thicker the better, the key is to look at the quality of the copper. I hope that customers will pay careful attention when purchasing products.

3. Strong toughness

Generally, the toughness of the rocker switch is relatively strong, especially the socket part is very difficult to deform and this kind of phenomenon, so it can ensure that it can maintain the proper bite force to fix itself after the insertion.